The rising popularity of digital wallets turns people away from carrying hard cash on the go. The iPhone and Android devices are behind the popularity of digital payment systems. Digital payment is also more secure than keeping a physical wallet with you all the time. Digital wallets can keep track of your money and loyalty rewards cards You may be hearing a lot about Google Wallet and Apple Wallet, but there are more options. This article introduces you to the top ten mobile wallet apps that can help you in mobile payment and money management.

Google Wallet

Developer. Google Inc Price: Free

Google Wallet lets you manage your money anywhere using your smart phone. Its available for not only Android but also i0S, The most basic requirement is that your phone has the near field communication (NFC) technology. Most of the flagship smart phones already have NFC built in. Google Wallet is highly popular with over 5o million downloads, and it’s a very aesthetically pleasing app. The recent developments in Google Wallet include fingerprint authentication and Google Account PIN support.

Apple Wallet

Developer. Apple Inc. Price: Free

Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) was first released for 105 6, on Sept.19, 2012. It uses 2D bar code scanning to manage tickets for movies, airlines, and concerts You can also store coupons and loyalty cards within Wallet. The app gives you time- and location-based notifications for taking advantage of the tickets and coupons you have stored on your ‘Phone. Personal Finance

Developer. Intuit Inc. Price: Free

You can use the Mint app to manage all your personal finance accounts from one place. Your bank accounts, credit card accounts, Investments, etc., can be tracked with this highly intuitive app. You can categorize the banking and credit card transactions, fix budgets, and track income and expenses easily. This is a perfect finance companion for your smart phone.