After months of working hard who wouldn’t want a well earned holiday? But the thought of spending money on what may not be viewed as an absolute necessity might put some off the idea altogether, particularly when times are tight.

Taking a holiday feels like a necessity if you’ve been working hard for months on end. But what about that sinking feeling when you jot up your daily spend and realize that soon you’ll go broke? Here are a few ways of making a little bit of extra cash either while on holiday or en route to your destination to keep that sinking feeling well & truly at bay.

Traveling on a Dime

Many people believe that they need a lot of money to travel. They keep putting it off until retirement or a hazy time in the future. There are ways to travel with very little or no money. It’s important to take advantage of your ability to travel while you are still young or young at heart. Traveling dreams can still come true, even for people with very little money. There are exciting folks vlogging how they spend $2 per day hitching camps cross-country!

Travel is an amazing experience. It gives you a break from reality, allows you to learn about other cultures, and see things beyond your wildest dreams. However, a lot of people are hesitant to take vacations because they worry about expenses. It’s true that travel costs money, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are five practical tips to save money on a vacation and still have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Avoid restaurants

Food Is an important part of the cultural experience of traveling, but restaurant meals add up quickly. According to a Traveloma’s consumer expenditure study, the average traveler spends go percent of their food budget on meals out in a restaurant. By cutting back on the costs of dining out you save a lot of money while traveling. Commit to eating just one out your three daily meals In a sit-down restaurant. For the other two meals, consider filling up at your hotel’s breakfast buffet, picking up Ingredients from a grocery store and preparing your own food, or opting for street food and cafes.

Plan your activities in advance

When you’re on vacation and thrilled to be in a new and exciting place, it’s easy to say ‘yes’ to lots of extras. Would you like to try this pastry, which Is a local specialty? Yes. Would you like to skip the line and have a tour guide? Sure. Everyone takes boat tours here, think you should book one? Why not. Decide what you want to do before you go, what kind of experiences you want to have on your trip. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the opportunity for spontaneity. It just makes it easier to know when you say, ‘yes’ and when to pass on an additional expense.

Set a daily budget

Setting a daily budget can help you avoid ‘vacation mentality’ in which you indulge in any and every experience on your trip, and regret it later when you get your credit card statement. This should give you an idea of about how much you can spend each day without going over with what you’re comfortable spending. It will help you decide whether you want any extras, or if you’d rather save your daily dollars for a glass of wine by end of the day.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping companies can be a great way of making some extra cash or simply enjoying some free stuff. These companies are paid to rate the quality of service at restaurants, shops, hotels, practically any business that involves customer service, all by means of an incognito mystery shopper. The good news is that a lot of companies pay for shops to be carried out in airports. You might grab a free meal and a drink, and even make some extra cash on top, in exchange for a brief report you could easily fill out on your smart phone.

Duty-free Shops

Some companies will actually pay you to shop for jewelry, too, at the airport jewelers, which are quite common at the bigger airports On occasion, mystery shopping companies may even pay for your whole trip to review a hotel and flight. Make sure to do a thorough Internet search on the company you’re interested in, then sign up for a few and pick a job that fits for you.

Sell your holiday snaps

If you’re handy with a camera and have a good eye for perspective, take some spectacular maps of your destination. And, on the duration of your trip, set a total budget for what you want to spend. Make an account for what you want to spend like accommodation, which accounts for about 21 percent of vacation expenses, and transportation, which accounts for 44 percent of vacation expenses, in your figure. With what’s left over, divide by the number of days you’re gone to get a daily estimate of what you have to wend on food, activities, drinks, and extras. A dollar saved, is a dollar earned.

Walk or use public transportation

Taxi fares and car rental fees can quickly eat up your vacation budget. Although it can be a bit intimidating to land in a new city and try to use public transportation to get from point A to point B, you’ll end up giving a lot of money this way. It costs less than $io to buy metro tickets for a family of five in Paris, while a tad van charges for a family of five in Paris, while a tad van charges upwards of $25.

Walking is another great option if you’re in good shape and you don’t mind long days on your feet. Plus, logging all of those miles on vacation means you won’t return home feeling like you’ve put on a few pounds from the delicious like you’ve put on a few pounds from the delicious croissants you sampled.

Plan free activities

Visiting museums, cultural sites, and national monuments are great ways to experience new places and learn about history.

Write articles. Why not?

The theme of the Internet is content is king. All that content on endless websites needs someone somewhere to write it up. There’s no reason why it can’t be you, even on holiday. Type into a search engine “sites that pay for articles”’ and you’ll find a host of options.

If you’re a bit of a wordsmith, sign up fora few and give it a go. And, yes. some don’t pay great, while others with higher demands when it comes to style and grammar can pay very well indeed. You could certainly fund a few evening meals and a few cocktails by the pool this way. When you’ve got a quiet moment at the beach or are supping a coffee someplace and feeling the muse, why not write tip an article?

Stuck for Ideas? Write about your holiday destination for a start. Post it on a site you’ve enrolled with and been accepted for, and see if It sells. Do your research and read real reviews to opt for the best sites. They are out there and It is a real way to make money from anywhere. Have a tip? Let us know.

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