Alone multi-billion dollar business tycoon and has been an entrepreneur for the public eye in the past two decades. Recently in the past few years his companies and ideas have sparked a large amount of competition and controversy, in automobile, energy, and space industry. One could even say the very existence of spaceflight industry in the private sector is no small part. Even Amazon’s Jeff bezos came up with something similar. Copy cat Amazon!

Many of the major products and ideas that have broken ground recently and cost wave in the market, at first may seem unconnected. But everything has a grand unifying team: Space colonization. Elon Musk wants to get out of planet earth and out into the west reaches of the space and wants the objective done. SpaceX is a first and foremost of the company he decide to tackle this objective. Founded in 2002, the goal of this industry revolutionize space flight, hi making commercial space flight viable for common place.

Till date, it has had a number of groundbreaking success, and remains the only private company to return a spacecraft from the low Earth orbit. Space has taken over the task of delivering suppplies to the International Space Station. While his companies, and holding individually capitalise on certain untapped potential in each of their industries, they complement Each Other by supporting a grander theme.