It is the dream of any backpacker to be able to make money while on the move. For those who get the travel bug, running out of money and having to cut a trip short to return home and get a job is the bane of any excursion. Fortunately, for those who are planning a longer term trip of several months or more, there are opportunities to make money while travelling. These opportunities can be divided into two types: making money while actually on the move, or working abroad, staying in a favorite place for an extended period. Depending on your preferences, each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Internet Freelancing

The only real opportunities for making money on the move without getting tied down to one place are afforded by Internet freelancing. With Internet freelancing, there are two requirements: a laptop computer and an Internet connection. The laptop may seem like a bit of a daunting investment if you don’t have one already, but an Internet connection can be found at almost all hostels and hotels around the globe. Internet cafes can be found in any city if the place you’re staying in doesn’t have Internet.

Internet freelancing is great for those who want to fund their travels without returning home to get a job or getting stuck in a place looking for other opportunities. Of the many opportunities available, there is freelance web design, writing, photography, editing, advertising and affiliate programs to get into. If you are familiar with one or more of these areas or are prepared to give something a try, then you can’t go wrong with Internet freelancing. The best way to start is to start small. Why not start bidding on jobs on the popular freelancing websites? With a little patience and perseverance, you can quickly score a useful supplementary income at the very least.

Working in Hostels

Another popular opportunity for saving money is working in hostels. This is not going to make you much cash, however, if any. In many countries, working in a hostel will only provide you with free accommodation and nothing more. However, working in a hostel can also be great fun and the experience is also valuable if you are interested in working in the hospitality industry. For those who want to spend time in a place they like, working in a hostel presents a great opportunity. What’s more, you can do this in combination with other things.

Teaching English

Teaching English is one of the first things that pops into a lot of people’s minds. Finding jobs teaching English is extremely easy in some countries, especially in the Far East, while in others it is not. Teaching English can pay extremely well in some countries while not in others. Before you depart on your big trip, getting a qualification in English teaching such as TEFL or CELTA provides a worthwhile string to your bow for settling elsewhere. However, these courses are expensive and getting a job without them is not going to be easy and, in some places will be impossible. P.S. You can teach what you know the best. We all need to constantly learn and unlearn.

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