If you are having problems landing that ideal job in the finance industry, consider these basic, but essential tips on how to find a job. Remembering that jobs with a finance background are not that different than any other type of job, we have included some tips that would apply to any position. But we are focusing on finance jobs primarily.

  1. **Dress **for the part. Just like you have always heard in any job interviewing process, it is important that you dress for the job. In finance, you need to look successful. This is because it is an image that Wall Street has to protect. It represents big business so the more successful their employees look, the better.

  2. **Focus on skills **that you’ll be doing in the finance position. Jobs or skills you may have had in high school should be left out, (unless they are directly related to high finance). If you are an exceptional accountant, however with your own banking, or any organization which has had you do their book work in the past, do mention this.

  3. Show evidence of financial expertise. It would be wise to start a portfolio of your own which should show off any finance type work you have done, and also stocks you currently own which are doing well. This of your portfolio in your career like you would your financial portfolio. Any evidence that shows you know the finance business would be to your advantage.

  4. Body language! Look the interviewer in the eye when they are talking to you. This is a basic principle that should be followed in any interview situation. It indicates a sense of confidence and willingness to listen. This goes a long way with employers, especially those involved in the art of handling other people’s money.

  5. Your task is #1. Make your potential job your number one priority. Even if you have a family or other interests, don’t mention these in the interview unless you are asked directly about them. Act as though your whole life revolves around your career. Finance employers want full commitment to the job.

  6. Brainstorm ways to impress your potential boss by illustrating your success in the finance area. Solid math skills, ability to communicate, and assertiveness are all equally important in this competitive world. Show that you are good at quants.

  7. If you desire to work with Dalal Street, you have to be aggressive and determined. Dalal Street won’t move over and let you in. You have to push your way in. Show your employer you have what it takes.

These are few pointers on how to find a job in the finance world, to get you started. Good luck in your job search! See you on Dalal Street.

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