The million dollar question is “How does someone become rich?” The answer is not simple, nor is it easy. It doesn’t even begin with your business, your product, or your career. The answer begins with you.

How Does Someone Become Rich?

Money Isn’t everything, but very few people woad say no to becoming a millionaire. Since the vast majority of people In the world today aren’t millionaires, there’s probably something specific needed to become one. The question is: What differentiates millionaires from everyone else?

They Do Not Obsess Over Money

It an be easy to get stuck on money instead of how you’re going to make money. Being focused on money Is like being obsessed with the destination rather than the Journey. Change the way you look at things Look at how you’re going to become a millionaire rather than the numbers in your bank accounts.

They’re Helpful

Being helpful is more than creating tit-for-tat situations -it’s about understanding what other people need. It’s about seeing what someone’s trying to do and knowing what you can do to help them succeed. Help your customers get the product they want. Help your employees perform better. Help your suppliers by giving them all the information they need. Make things easier for the people around you and your kindness, and their success will directly translate into yours.

They Save the People

Another notable problem with being focused on money is that you’re going to try your hardest to get every cent that you can out of every customer that even takes a look at your services. However, consider focusing instead on improving customer experience and relations.

Instead of focusing on the bottom line, focus on how you can Improve their day and maybe their lives. A good product gets talked about, and there’s nothing like word-of-mouth marketing. All the advertisements in the world will not compare to a favorable review from a friend. Serve the people; serve your company.

They Look as Money as a Tool, Not as the Endpoint

Money is not what’s Important — what is Important Is what money can bring you. Money in a vacuum does nothing, but it does allow you to buy a better house, get a nicer car, send your kids to college — it enables a lot of things.

Having money also allows you to improve your business It allows you to hire new employees while training your existing and promising ones. Videographers use their money to buy better cameras and microphones. Writers pay the rent and can afford to write for even longer periods of time. It’s all about what money brings, and what it often brings is the ability to create a better product. It’s cynical. The more money you make, the more you can put into your life and into your company. The more you put into your company, the more money you make. It all begins with focusing on what makes money rather than the money itself. It’s not about making money to make more money- Its about making money so you can do what you love.

They Focus on What They Do Better

Just like a business, you want to do something better than everyone else — something that lets you stand out from the crowd. figure out that one thing and get even better at it. Do so until you think you can’t get any better, and then find a way to get better. This Is your sailing point — let no one else be better than you at it.

Whatever your selling point is angle it in such a way that It helps you make money. The financially successful tend to push on their advantages, and so should you. Getting rich isn’t going to happen overnight, and there is no true guarantee that you’ll make It. But you an get the odds in your favor if you believe and improve yourself constantly- and if you do nothing and change nothing, you will definitely never make it.