Dear corporations, Kindly stop citing 1850 on not stopping the slaved cog wheels. Stop repeating the excuse, "We can't stop it. Profits are too good. It made [sic] great…"..  Let's distill it down to the basics. The requisites for a life's sustainece both for people and their business are one and the same - Food, Water, and not Planet, Pandemic and People!

Rather make a PR stunt about being socially responsible as the crisis ebbs, large corporates should wake up to lend a helping hand to the last cough! It's obivious many business are keen to help people access and manage money during the virus outbreak, but this disaster has reduced the social, environmental and financial stability of the globe.

Why is a liquor brewing firm doing selling canned water? Why are car manufacturing companies building stock to produce ventilators? Why are companies in fashion industry manufacturing face masks? The real question, is how could we not? That's one way to get over the quarantine slump!

With priorities and prespectives dumped away, it's a matter of human survival that matters a lot. Clearly the habits we've invented for ourselves are perhaps destroying the planet where we thrive. Pandemic is not a time for making profit and jumping the gun like a trader for business-like opportunity raises the question about the ethics of one's business.

The best ways, always perhaps are the oldest ways - Live, and let live. People's choices may change on how to stay positive with whatever they have got. To buy responsibily and companies rethinking about the costs to operate, health/welfare of people and environment. People + Planet + Peace > Profit!

What's worse than a pandemic? A disaster admist the pandemic! Does the world even care about crops in India being destroyed by a swarm of African Nile locusts Think being environmentally friendly, socially conscious, and being just to the economy. It's that simple. Trade propels economic growth, jobs and innovative entrepreneurship. But, that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice a piece of the world for your small comfort!

2020, and things must and will change as our values have shifted. Individuals, companies or governments should wake up a call an end to a war, and collectively invest in a Climate-Positive Future! Would the pandemic solve capitalism? May be, yes. It might sow a seed into children, and wake their minds to grow socially, responsibly & ecologically. Sustainability reporting can be considered as synonymous with other terms for non-financial reporting, CSR and TBL reporting. Please chip in if you can - every little bit helps!

If your corporate company is only committed to profit, sorry grow up! If all your company wants you to is run their business admist a pandemic, startup your own! If your government is keen on selling booze at the cost of spreading the virus, vote for change. If your government is primarily committed to those companies, the its simply a golden age of decadence!

The very simplistic choice we have to work today is support local shops, create resiliency in our communities, grow a thriving economy that is committed to helping people, and operate within the interests of a wider society.

If companies think "gaming" the triple bottom line economics, would save their primal beloved capitalism, they must realize there is no economy without people! Keep contributing to communities and wellbeing, it naturally creates a cleaner planet. Support community-focused businesses that balance people, planet and profit! Why would your business even want profit over people/planet?

Business ethics is something most teach in b-schools, but rarely practiced in real life. The economics of the industry are pretty hard when it boils to numbers. If we give a "free" product/service in one entity, we have to forfeit and equalize this cost of such unsolicited tender at another entity, triple the cost. Destorying the planet, and utilizing its resources for free, hinders the natural balance, and the boomerang keeps coming back to us 3x pricey!

If living with the virus would be the "new normal", the need for a green recovery should be exercised - Take ownership of our future.  Rather stressing out, its time for the people and corporations to accept the reality and learn to mutually deal with uncertainties. Prioritise people and societies, ecologies and environments, ahead of profit and productivity. Solidarity is the cure. Stay positive, Always!