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Who lived long to read his own obituary, but is still alive? A refurbished phone, perhaps?

Who wouldn’t want some extra cash without having to do much work? There are many different things that everyone can do to increase their income quickly and easily. These creative ideas will help you to make a little extra money with minimal effort. Selling your unwanted items is a quick way to earn some extra money. Sell your gadgets clothes, shoes DVDs, games, electronics and anything else you have lying unused around your home online through an auction website or a yard sale. Cash in your old mobile phone. Get money back for unwanted Diwali and birthday presents return items you have recently bought but no longer want or need.

Now is the perfect time to dean up your home and get organized. while cleaning out the sock drawer and putting the sweaters away are certainly important, organizing your tech gadgets can be even more vital. From throwing away your 10-year-old cell phone to selling your unused but still desirable tech gadgets, there are plenty of things you can do to take charge of your tech life.

UK makes 1.3 million tonnes of e-waste. USofA makes 9.4 million tonnes/year — World’s single largest contributor.

You can start by going through your junk drawer and dragging out all your old cell phones, mismatched chargers and spare batteries. Sort out the still usable items from the rest and take the Junk to your local electronics recycling center. Many counties have dedicated electronic recycling programs, giving you an easy and safe way to get rid of all the tech detritus in your life.

After you have sorted out the junk from your collection, you can decide what to do with all the rest. It never hurts to have an extra charger or cell phone battery, but you probably don’t need to of them. if you have more than you need, you can sell the extras online or through classified ads. You can use the money you make to upgrade your tech or grab the latest gadget.

Approx 350,000 mobile phones are disposed each day.

If you decide to sell any actual gadgets, be sure to wipe them clean of data before offering them for sale. Use a dedicated wiping application instead of simply erasing your data. A wiping program not only deletes the data but overwrites it as well. That is the only way to be sire the new owner of the device cannot recover your personal data.

While you are cleaning up your tech life, don’t forget about your backup plan. You probably know how important it Is to back up your data, but do you do it as often as you should? If not, you night want to sign up for an automatic backup and data storage service. These services automatically back up all your flies whenever you are connected to the Internet all you need to get started is a high-speed connection.

You can make backing up your data faster and easier by taking time to declutter your computers and other gadgets. You probably have some old files you no longer use; archiving that old data to a flash drive can free up space on your laptop and make backing up your Important data more efficient. Don’t forget to update your passwords as you go through recycling process. If you cannot remember the last time you changed your passwords, now is the petted time to set things right. Failing to change your passwords regularly could leave you vulnerable to data theft and even physical theft from bank accounts and other financial resources.

These tech cleanup tips can protect your data and safeguard your online life Going through your tech gadgets once a year or so is a great way to keep your home free of clutter while enhancing your online safety.

Did you know, just 12.5% of all our e-waste is recycled. By reusing 1 million mobile phones, we could recuperate 350kg of silver, 34kg of gold, 16,000kg of copper and 15kg of palladium.

When you upgrade your smartphone, you have several options for turning your previous model into cash. That money can help offset the cost of the new phone, pay for accessories like a protective case, or simply sit in your bank account for a rainy day. Regardless, your old phone can be worth as much as a few hundred dollars depending on the model, Its condition, and how you sell it. Here are the most-common options, along with pros and cons.

Self-service Kiosks

Mails, supermarkets, and other shopping areas now include kiosks that let you quickly deposit your old phone and collect money-right there on the spot. You don’t have to deal with shipping to an online buyer, making this an Ideal solution if you need the funds right now.

However, these kiosks don’t pay as much, generally speaking, as you’d get from your mobile device if you exercised the patience required to sell on the Internet. For example, in certain places like UAE/UK, an EcoATM kiosk will currently offer between $6–30 for an ATT (Phone 5c. Granted, that model isn’t the latest and greatest) In fact, that iPhone isn’t even one of the most coveted thanks to its small storage capacity and plastic (versus metal) case-but current eBay listings for the exact-same phones begin at more than the sum. That’s a steep price difference, so you may want to take the few extra days that you’ll spend selling your phone online.

Trade-In Sites

Online-auction sites like eBay aren’t the only Internet games In town; you also have the option of trading your phone for cash through sites like Clyde-that site, by the way, lets you set your asking price based on whether you want to sell quicker, wait it out for the maximum probable selling price, or go with the middle “market price” value. Currently, the iPhone 5s market price is $136, with a suggestion that users sell now because their forecasts Indicate that the price will drop within the week. The catch with re-seller sites is that they have to make money, too, so they’ll charge you fees for listing. However, you’ll also pay to auction off your phone on eBay-and despite those fees, you’re still making more than you would at a kiosk.

Craigslist, Bulletin-board Postings, and Other local sales. Your community is full of people who’d gladly give you some cash, for your unwanted cell phone-and you have plenty of ways to meet up with those potential buyers. Online or offline, you can conned with those fellow citizens quickly and easily. Also, you can name your asking price; if it’s too high, people simply won't bite, which is your cue to go lower. Most postings are free but, if you decide to take out a classified ad or other, paid notice, you’ll have to pay a little up front: a good motivator to research the local market to determine what price range Is the most likely to attract customers.

Be wary, though, of potential thieves if you meet a stranger, do so in a public, well-populated place, which will discourage criminal activity. You can also opt to bring a friend to the transaction. Also, to reduce the risk of fraud, make sire you’re familiar with the payment method you’re requesting-howto spot counterfeit or fake currency or transaction numbers, whether or not the buyer can charge back or otherwise reverse the payment, and the like.

Sell to Those You Know

Somebody In your family or one of your soda) circles may very well want your old phone. As long as you’re honest about the device’s condition and you know you can trust the other person, this transaction should go well. As an added bonus, you don’t have to pay listing fees, wait for an auction to dose, or hope that a potential buyer sees your item listing and decides to bid or bite.

Recycle or Donate the Device

If your phone’s in terrible condition, a recycling service may take it off your hands for free. This is a great way to keep potentially toxic elements out of landfills and give somebody the opportunity to reclaim any gold or other, precious minerals inside the phone. Similarly, if your old phone is functional but you’re not keen on going through the process of selling it, you can donate to a good cause.

Women’s shelters, for example, can take the phones and give them to clients; even without paid service, cell phones still all gut, which is invaluable to people In dangerous situations. No matter what you do with your old phone, you always own a shiny, new one with latest, greatest technology & features to enjoy with a reasonable price without selling your old ones for scrap prices.

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