Marketing is not an easy thing to do. If you are lucky enough to have a budget to do a big ad campaign, then it is excellent, but for the business owners who want to advertise their product with as cheap as possible, they might found a problem. In this article, you will find some tips to promote your business without spending much money.


Run Online contests & intencitize the experience. This tip needs you to spend some money for a prize, but a number of participants and new potential customers you will get is worth the price. Please remember that you do not need a super pricey thing as a prize. A couple of high-end water bottles or a nice backpack will be enough to draw for some people to participate. Choose a prize that is desirable and related to your business; it could be a free product or free services for a period.

Product Placement

Get samples of your product. Always have some samples of your product or your past work and give them to the potential customers. Create videos about your product or service. Create a YouTube channel or other video sharing sites and upload your videos there. You can also try slide-sharing sites and publish your presentation.

Ol’ fashioned Marketing

Send some sales letters. Send it to people you think may be able to make use of the product you sell, don’t forget to describe your business well about how it can help them. Try to also include a business card in the letter you send and combine periodically with sending a postcard. Get yourself an awesome business card, have a ton of them, and give it to every person you meet and know.

The Pen is always Mightier

Write an article. Write about your expertise in the particular field and send it to magazines, newspapers, or websites that are in the same field as yours that accept writings from experts. Be sure to include your name, business name, and contact number of your company in the article. However, do not show that you are advertising your business because the editor may not want to publish it on their platform. If you have your article published, the exposure is quite excellent.


Create a customer referral program. Offer a free product or free month of service to your existing clients. You can also give them some rewards for referring new customers. Mouth-to-mouth referral is powerful stuff, if you can make people talking about your business, the impact is incredibly high.

Every handshake has a potential business deal. The greater the number of people who know about your business, the greater the chance of them using your product or service. Good luck and keep us posted about your sucesss.

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