Good day folks., And, we ar writing a post that doubles up as a personality test. Cool, yeah? We bet you will get to know someone more better w/ their answers, than asking these questions to yourselves.

Did you know, our brains make over 40,000 decisions every day. This may be something quite smaller — like what you’re going to eat for lunch, or something big like whether you’re going to propose to the one you always dreamed of. Yes, these are a few choices which reveal a lot about your personality, and so be sure to choose a being each time and find out who you really are before we get started be sure to comment and subscribe to ArthaMoney, and we’ll try to reply.

#10: Coming in at number 10, when given that we have money or love, would you rather a have all the money in the world or find the love of your life? If you chose money then you value comfort and security, as the most important thing to you is being secure and living a carefree life you may also value material things such as possessions or luxury experiences over emotions and feelings if you want to be then you’re a romantic you know the true value of love and have a desire to find it your spiritual rather than materialistic and you’ll likely find that social someone.

#9: Next up if we have a time changer, ****would you rather a see the future or like to change the past? If you chose A, you’re excited for what life will bring to you. If you chose B, you’re less spontaneous, but more practical you take every day as it comes and you’re inquisitive. You also feel better planning things out if you chose B. But, then you have regrets and may want to undo some things you’re also more open and willing to adapt to new situations that come your way, and you likely miss the good old days and love nostalgia. Don’t we all?

#8: Next up we have **money speaks, **would you rather a have a guaranteed $1,000 or B have a 50/50 shot at 1 million dollars? If you picked A then you like security and are very sensible. You don’t like gambling for all or nothing and take more pleasure in knowing that you will be secure. If you chose option B then you live hard and fast but sometimes things don’t work out for you. You have an all-or-nothing mindset and are confident in your decisions. You like to gamble and would rather have it all and risk everything than play it safe.

#7: Next up, we have you versus the world. Would you rather have everyone wiped off the face of the earth, except you? You’re on your own or be everyone including you is wiped of the face of the earth, what would you choose? If you went with a you’re confident and self-assured you don’t rely on others and are independent do you think more for yourself and less about others when making decisions relating to you, then you don’t mind being alone with just your thoughts and your active imagination. If you chose B then your very social and don’t like to be alone you live for others and love seeing your friends and family. You may be less independent but you make up for that with how much you value others.

#6: Next up, we have fast lives. Would you rather a have an amazing luxurious and action fills life but postulate early or B have a fairly mundane but long life? If you went with A, then you have no fears and like to live a fast and frantic life. You live in the moment and don’t plan much for the future you act first and deal with what comes later whether it be good or bad. If B was your choice, you like to play things safe. You don’t feel the need to stand out in the crowd and are perfectly happy living a relaxed and good life you plan ahead and may worry about what’s to come but with your careful attitude you will likely have a long and promising future.

#5: Next up, we have hometown. Would you rather never leave your hometown or be leave your hometown, but to never return? If you picked A, then you’re sentimental. You like the good old times and maybe a little traditional. You’re patriotic and the proud of your family and your roots. You also like to stick with what you know and aren’t very spontaneous. If you elected to choose option B you’re fascinated by the world. You love experiencing new things and throwing yourself into unfamiliar situations you’re great at adapting to changes in your life and career and don’t hold on to anything too emotionally.

#4: Next up we have hot or personality. Would you rather marry a good-looking person with a bad personality or marry a bad looking person with a great personality? If you chose to marry A, then you think on your feet. You may also rush into relationship and act on impulse in day-to-day situations if you chose to marry B then you ease into relationships and ensure that person’s right for you. You’re spiritually and emotionally in tune and have a deep understanding of the human condition. You’re also open-minded and a good at weighing up situations.

#3: We have passing away. Would you rather a know when you’re going to pass away or know **how **you’re going to pass away? If you chose A, your inquisitive and curious, sometimes too much for your own good. You’re not too emotional and take things as they come you live a busy life and if you are just sitting around this, it means you’re productive and live to get stuff done. If you picked B then you’re a practical and pragmatic thinker. You thrive off a sense of security and enjoy the simple things in life feel good. It’s working through problems and you’re likely hard-boiled and tough.

#2: Next up we have IRL. Would you rather a have no more internet or have no friends? If you went with a your outgoing and sociable you live for your friends and love to see them and your fondest memories likely come from being with your friends, rather than in an internet cafe. If you chose B then you may be an introvert you like being alone with your thoughts in your own little world. You’re likely to be creative and can make your own fun if you need to you may be a bit sociable but if it came down to a night of partying versus a night of gaming then you wouldn’t be going to the party.

#1: Next up we have people passing. ****Would you rather a one person who’s close to you pass away or be 100 people who you don’t know pass away? If you chose A, then you’re pragmatic and unfazed by emotions. You think to the greater good and have a sense of right and wrong. You’re incredibly selfless and are willing to give things up for others. Tough this doesn’t even describe you, it may have had a bad experience in your past. If you chose B, then you’re sentimental and have deep connections with people. You like things as they are and don’t get too involved with issues not relating to you you love and focus on your own life and make decisions to make it better.

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